GAA Handball Development Pack

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GAA Handball's Development Pack offer is the perfect way to get a multipack of handballs for your school, club or social event. By purchasing a pack you are helping to support GAA Handball and grow the game. 

These packs are suitable for:

  • Schools
  • Mothers and Others/Dads and Lads Groups
  • Clubs
  • Social events


The 3 packs are as follows:

Pack 1: 30 x 1-Wall handballs - €50

Pack 2: 10 x Challenger 1 balls / 10 x 1-Wall handballs - €70

Pack 3: 10 x Challenger 2 balls / 10 x 1-Wall handballs - €70


The school ball is a rubber ball that is standard for the 1-Wall game. 

The Challenger 1 balls are softer and less bouncy than the standard 1-Wall balls. They are designed for young children under 10 years of age and beginners of all ages.

The Challenger 2 ball is used for kids aged 10-12 years playing the 4-Wall game. They are smaller and slightly faster than Challenger 1.